The Horseshoes Inn 

Do you remember what Traditional Pubs

were like before the big brewers turned them into steak houses and sports bars with fruit machines, pool tables and TV’s everywhere. Well this is the Horseshoes Inn, Cockfield, a Grade2 listed building built in 1350 AD. A beautiful, newly thatched Freehouse, it has been purchased by Lloyd and Jessica. The Inn was closed when they acquired the freehold. They decided to restore the Inn to its former glory, opening up the large fireplace so it can be seen from both bars, exposed beams and a traditional tiled floor in the main bar, a new bar and back fitting built. In the Conservatory, which was too hot in the summer and cold in the winter, they decided to put a traditional slate roof on to replace the glass, new carpets, curtains and redecorated throughout. The Pub now has a real warm traditional and friendly feel, offering good home made traditional pub food and value for money.